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Does your code leave a trail of slowness?


Does your code leave a trail of slowness?

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This week: An excellent podcast for engineering leaders, programmers confessing their sins, trail of slow code, what a director of engineering does.


because your CS degree didn't teach you to lead


“Because your CS degree didn’t teach you to lead”

What began as a monthly CTO meetup, has become an excellent weekly podcast featuring conversations with engineering leaders from companies of all stages. Browse the archives to hear from leaders at SlackStripeSpheroSendGrid, and DigitalOcean. And be sure to subscribe… new episodes are released every Thursday.

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developer community roundup on interviews


Programmers are confessing their coding sins to protest a broken interview process

Here’s a powerful roundup of the meme that struck a chord in the developer community this week that highlights the absurdity of “whiteboard” interviews.


does your code leave a trail of slowness?


Does Your Code Leave a Trail of Slowness?

Jack Mott discusses how code from areas where performance is not important, may be causing other code, or even other programs to slow down.


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what does a director of engineering do


What does a Director of Engineering do?

Dan DeMeyere shares about his journey from junior engineer to Director of Engineering, lessons learned, and how the experience has been the most rewarding of his career.



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