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Aligning projects with business goals

Jun 22, 2017 | Newsletter

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This week: Engineering a culture of psychological safety, 2017 software developer productivity survey, what devs can learn from being on call, aligning projects with business goals.


how to build a psychologically safe environment


Engineering a culture of psychological safety

What is special about Engineering that leads us to drive away so many promising engineers, and allow so many others to achieve less than their potential? John Looney, principal engineer at Intercom, on how to built a psychologically safe environment that will boost your team’s effectiveness, productivity and retention.

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software developers way in on productivity drains, metrics in engineering, and more


2017 software developer productivity survey in the US and Great Britain

Professional software developers from the United States and Great Britain weigh in on the biggest productivity drains (they’re not technical), the use of metrics in engineering, hallmarks of great programmers, understanding of non-technical stakeholders, and more.

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how being on call can make you a better software engineer


What devs can learn from being on call

Being on call is usually associated with the grumpiness of being woken up in the middle of the night. In this post, Julia Evans presents a different take and summarizes Charity Majors’ views on what you can learn from being on call and how it can make you a better software engineer.

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Aligning projects with business goals

How Anthony Eden, Founder of DNSimple, keeps their completely distributed team aligned with the overall strategic goals of the business, and the nuts and bolts of their system.

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Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson is a co-founder at GitPrime where he leads design and customer experience. He is a Y Combinator alumni, with a background in product design, branding, and UX design. Follow @thebent on Twitter.

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