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Are you out of alignment?


Are you out of alignment?

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A commonly overlooked element of success


Are you out of alignment?

Camille Fournier, author of “The Manager’s Path,” examines the subtle ways that people get out of alignment with their companies, and makes a case for finding the right problems instead of the hard problems.

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a guide for getting structured feedback


How to get structured feedback from employee interviews

Ben Jackson, Principal at For the Win, shares four risks you run by relying on informal conversations, and breaks down a process for uncovering real insights from people.

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how when and why to create quarterly product roadmaps


On writing product roadmaps

Gaurav Oberoi, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Allen Institute for AI, with a guide on why, when, and how to create a quarterly product roadmap.

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Problems CTOs face when scaling


Wanted: someone to make my life easier

Jason Cole, CEO at Da Primus Consulting, offers an alternative solution for overwhelmed CTOs who are looking to hire someone “who can lead the engineering organization without taking a seat away from a working developer.”

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