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Building Healthy Organizational Incentives


Building Healthy Organizational Incentives

Engineering Impact is a weekly newsletter that highlights trends in engineering leadership, productivity, culture, and scaling development teams. 

This week features posts on: Culture, Decision Making, Career, Process, and Leadership.


Building Healthy Organizational Incentives

“As leaders, when we understand what’s driving decisions, we can effectively guide teams towards outcomes that are good for the organization and customers.” Here’s Kristen Swanson, Head of Operations – Google Image Search at Google, on why and how to align the implicit and explicit incentives in your organization.

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Product Management Mental Models for Everyone

“This is also not a post for just product managers, it’s for everyone that works on products.” This post outlines the most useful mental models that Brandon Chu, GM & Director of Product – Platform at Shopify, has accumulated in his career.

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How to Grow as an Engineer (Working Remotely)

There are many articles that cover the basics of being an effective remote worker. Thompson Marzagão, Software Engineer at The New York Times, furthers the conversation by exploring the ways that more senior engineers can continue to grow professionally.

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Embracing the Deadline: How Engineers Benefit from Delivery Dates

“Deadlines help us stay focused, aligned, and driven — and can be used to keep project scope in check,” says Adam Byrne, Product Engineer at Intercom. Here’s his advice on why delivery dates do matter, and how to craft deadlines that work for your team.

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Building a Distributed Engineering Team

Bruno Miranda, VP of Engineering at Doximity, details the specific practices that have helped his organization establish a well-rounded distributed culture.

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