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A Candidate-Centric Model For Your Hiring Process


A Candidate-Centric Model For Your Hiring Process

Engineering Impact is a weekly newsletter that highlights trends in engineering leadership, productivity, culture, and scaling development teams.

This week features posts on: 

  • Defining a Distinguished Engineer
  • A Candidate-Centric Model for Your Hiring Process
  • The Essential Questions That Have Powered This Top Silicon Valley Manager’s Career
  • The Written Narrative
  • Reflections on Software Leadership


A Candidate-Centric Model of Your Hiring Process

Osman Ahmed Osman, Head of Product Engineering at Quora, offers an alternative approach to thinking about the recruiting funnel. He says, “the characteristics of a good candidate climb are: increasing effort and balanced effort” and illustrates his point with a list of anti-patterns. 

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Defining a Distinguished Engineer

“Seeing people who are a level above you behave poorly… I know from experience what a huge demotivator this is,” says Jessie Frazelle. In this post, she defines what it means to be a strong technical leader and engineer and makes the case for incentivizing people to resemble these qualities.

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The Essential Questions That Have Powered This Top Silicon Valley Manager’s Career

In an excerpt from her recently released book, Julie Zhuo, VP of Product Design at Facebook, presents a ‘toolkit of questions’ that managers can use to build trust, improve 1:1s, and make sure feedback is heard.

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The Written Narrative

Marty Cagan, Partner at SVPG, takes the idea that “good managers write” and explains how teams can use the written narrative as a technique to move faster and make better decisions. The written narrative, Cagan says, is his “single favorite coaching tool for helping product managers become exceptional.”

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Reflections on Software Leadership

In his recently released book, Marcus Blankenship, Author and Technical Coach, shares nineteen essays about leading and managing software teams.

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