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Code review is the manager’s job


Code review is the manager’s job

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Code review is the manager’s job

“The code review is the highest leverage point for improving an engineering team’s output.” John Barton, former VP of Engineering at 99designs, outlines why code review is such a high-value process, and explains how leaders should proactively manage it.

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Efficient software project management at its roots

Gergely Orosz, Engineering Manager at Uber, collects the patterns he’s seen over a decade of shipping software in various environments and summarizes the core principles that he’s seen make or break projects.

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Are you being micro-managed? Manage your relationship with your manager instead

“As a report, you could just blame your manager, or you could actually fix the situation yourself.” Here’s Osman Ahmen Osman, Head of Product Engineering at Quora, with an alternative approach for diagnosing and solving micro-management in your organization.

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Leaders, stop being so nice all the time

Prioritizing being “nice” as a leader can have a toxic effect on your culture. Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Company, explains why “being nice” can become a crutch — and argues for making the distinction between ‘being nice’ and ‘being honest’ in your team.

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Remote leadership

“For all the reasons remote work as an individual came easily to me, remote leadership is hard.” Rick Banister, Designer at Automattic, elegantly describes his journey from IC to a leadership position — while working from afar.

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