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10 culture and hiring lessons from Netflix


10 culture and hiring lessons from Netflix

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This week: 10 culture and hiring lessons from Netflix, What should I do today?, Bored people quit, When your tech debt comes due.


Chief Talent Officer on building an innovative culture


Lessons from Netflix’s culture and hiring with Patty McCord

Patty McCord, Netflix’s former Chief Talent Officer, shares 10 lessons on building an innovative culture. Find out why she hates “empowerment,” what she believes are the most important qualities in leadership, and get her blunt take on why companies don’t exist to make employees happy.

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a tactical plan for what engineering managers should do every day


Engineering Management: What should I do today?

Matthew Vanderzee, VPE at Versive, outlines a tactical plan for what you should be doing, thinking about, and worrying about on any given day.

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VPE at Slack on how to retain engineers


Bored people quit

Michael Lopp, better know as Rands / the VPE at Slack, on techniques to identify engineer disengagement, and what your Boredom Plan of Action” should look like

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CTO at Microsoft shares a story on technical debt


When your tech debt comes due

Kevin Scott, now the CTO at Microsoft, with a war story about how his team at LinkedIn narrowly escaped crushing technical debt.

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