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When being “helpful” is actually hurting


When being “helpful” is actually hurting

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When being “helpful” is actually hurting

Camille Fournier, author of The Manager’s Path, sheds light on a specific facet of effective delegation that tends to come from an otherwise good instinct: “The failure to delegate because you are trying to be helpful.”

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Cognitive bias and why performance management is so hard

“Often, at work, you might come across someone who is ‘not doing their job’… If it’s a report, we’ll often refer to this as a ‘performance problem’.” Here’s Osman Ahmed Osman, Head of Product Engineering at Quora, on how our brains are working against us — and a better approach to making sense of these situations.

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Designing powerful alliances: How to spark a leadership domino effect

It’s common to see “leadership silos” form in organizations — where leaders of different teams or functions aren’t actively learning from each other. Jean Hsu and Edmond Lau, Co-Founders and Engineering Leadership Coaches at Co Leadership, explain what becomes possible when the alternative is true — and offer advice on how to get started.

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The software engineer’s guide to interviewing software engineers

Here’s Chuck Groom, Director of Engineering – Platform at VTS, crash-course on technical interviewing, based on the lessons he’s learned from conducting 400+ software interviews.

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Tools and processes

Marty Cagan, Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group, underlines the importance of understanding the relationship between an organization’s product development process, culture, and mindset.

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