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Why enterprise agile teams fail


Why enterprise agile teams fail

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Product and Engineering consultant


Why enterprise agile teams fail

“They are failing for the same list of reasons as every other team I have met within the last 5 years,” says Sam McAfee, Product and Engineering Consultant. Here are those reasons.

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checklist for hiring software developers


A checklist for building trust with candidates

Kate Catlin, Founder of Find My Flock, shares a checklist for each stage of the hiring process to help you build trust with job candidates.

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benefits of self-forming teams


How to introduce self-forming teams to your organization

Marcus Blankenship, author of “Habits that Ruin Your Technical Team,” explores the benefits of self-forming teams, and offers a workbook to help you and your team get started.

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VP of technology on bonus schemes


To bonus, or not to bonus?

Yağız Erkan, VP of Technology at Motive Retail, with a thoughtful discussion on bonus schemes, and a few considerations to make when implementing yours.

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Senior engineer at GitHub elegantly describes her ideal leader


Who I want to work for

“From my perspective, these are the things that matter.” Inspired by Chad Fowler’s “Who I want to hire,” Keavy McMinn, Senior Engineer at GitHub, elegantly describes the characteristics of her ideal leader.

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