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Engineering Management Distilled: A Guide to One-on-Ones


Engineering Management Distilled: A Guide to One-on-Ones

Engineering Impact is a weekly newsletter that highlights trends in engineering leadership, productivity, culture, and scaling development teams.

This week features posts on: 

  • Engineering Management Philosophies
  • A Guide to One-on-Ones
  • Priorities and Taxes
  • The Feedback Equation Worksheet
  • Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams


Engineering Management Distilled: A Guide to One-on-Ones

Drawing from the works of Andy Grove and Ben Horowitz as well as from his own experiences, Chris Chiu, Senior Engineering Manager at Flexport, outlines prescriptive guidance to make one-on-ones an efficient communication channel. 

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Engineering Management Philosophies

Annie Zhou, Engineering Manager at Square, breaks down her framework for operating as an engineering manager. She also discusses a range of management styles, including “the cheerleader manager,” “the seagull manager,” and “the micromanager.” 

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CTO Kimber Lockhart discusses prioritization in software development teams


Priorities and Taxes

“Nailing prioritization is the holy grail of effective software teams,” says Kimber Lockhart, CTO at One Medical, “to get it right, your team needs to understand the difference between implicit and explicit prioritization.” 

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The Feedback Equation [Worksheet]

Lara Hogan, Engineering Leadership Coach at Wherewithall, offers an equation to help successfully structure specific and actionable feedback within the workplace.

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Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams

“It is important to consider how remote work may more deeply influence the dynamics of the workplace and teams.” Here are some insights to making sure the health of your remote team is up to par.

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