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How much to manage (“Management Energy Units”)


How much to manage (“Management Energy Units”)

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This week: “Management Energy Units”, Things I’ve learned transitioning from IC to management, Conducting effective one-on-ones, The art of pull requests.


how to budget time towards management


How Much to Manage (“Management Energy Units”)

Steven Sinofsky, Board Partner at A16z, breaks down managing up, down, and sideways—and lays out a framework for how to budget your energy at every level of management.

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Engineering Manager at Uber on lessons learned from moving to an engineering manager position


Things I’ve learned transitioning from engineer to engineering manager

Gergely Orosz, Engineering Manager at Uber, describes his recent transition to engineering manger. He says, “As an engineering manager, you’ll need to put company first, team second and your team members third”—a statement that’s sparked thoughtful discussion.

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list of things to consider when conducting 1:1s


Conducting effective and regular one-on-ones

“One-on-ones help you establish what kind of manager you are, and need to be,” says Leah C. Tyler. This important post proves a formula for making your one-on-ones effective, critical things to look for, and some specific questions to ask.

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creating a pull request manifesto


The art of pull requests

Danny Preussler, Android Lead at Viacom, describes how a teammate writing a “Pull Request Manifesto” bolstered a supportive, safe, and collaborative environment.

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