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Lessons learned from interviewing 400+ engineers


Lessons learned from interviewing 400+ engineers

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Lessons learned from interviewing 400+ engineers over three startups

Marco Rogers, Director of Engineering at Lever, shares the good, bad and ugly of what he’s learned interviewing engineering candidates over the past 7 years. Get an inside look at the “soft skills” he screens for, a sample on-site interview schedule, and an overview of the system he uses to strengthen candidate pool and diversity of his engineering team.

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Building confidence as a CTO

Matt Aimonetti, Co-founder & CTO at Splice, summarizes his journey as a founding CTO and the framework he’s adopted to move beyond gut feelings when evaluating growth.

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How to build and launch an enterprise-scale product

Swapna Malekar, Sr Manager of Product with RBC, breaks down how massive orgs run product development through stages of innovation, ideation, incubation, and commercialization.

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Are you finding the right software engineers for the job?

John Yoder, VPE with AppFolio, on the mental model he uses to answer the question “Who are your ‘best’ engineers?” TL;DR: it depends, but the matrix proposed by Scott Ford of Corgibytes is a useful starting point.

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How to fail as a new engineering manager, in 8 easy steps

Brad Armstrong, Engineering Manager with Code42, reflects on the awkward transition from senior engineer to junior manager. “I‘m not here to pretend that I’ve got the secret to success. But I do know a few ways that I’m pretty sure can guarantee you’ll fail.”

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