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How to Make a Big Technical Change


How to Make a Big Technical Change

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How to Make a Big Technical Change

Whatever major change you’re advocating for—a move to microservices, a deprecation, or introducing DevOps—the ultimate challenge is in getting everyone on board. Here’s Tanya Reilly, Principal Engineer at Squarespace, with a 12-step process for changing minds, getting buy-in, and leading a successful movement.

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Stripe Atlas: Guide to Scaling Engineering Organizations

Raylene Yung, Head of Stripe‘s Payments Engineering team, shares some of the lessons she’s learned in her efforts to expand globally. Her ‘lessons’ fall into three categories: Recruiting and Hiring, Training and Onboarding, and Engagement and Retention.

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On Being a Senior Engineer

John Allspaw, Co-Founder at Adaptive Capacity Labs, just published an extended version of his timeless piece “On Being a Senior Engineer,” with a section on sponsorship.

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You Have a Micromanaging Boss. What Can You Do?

“No one is a micromanager because they want to be a micromanager.” Claire Lew, CEO at Know Your Team, explains that your boss is micromanaging you for one of 5 reasons (listed here), and offers advice on how to defuse each.

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Seeking the Minimum Path to Value

Charles Lambdin, who’s focused on IT Transformation at Intel, discusses a four-step process to make smarter product decisions through lateral thinking.

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