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When is Someone Ready to Manage Managers?


When is Someone Ready to Manage Managers?

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When is Someone Ready to Manage Managers?

Camille Fournier, Head of Platform Engineering at Two Sigma, sheds light on the specific areas that line managers should focus on, in order to be ready to take on bigger things when the opportunity comes along.

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Are Software Developers Overworked or Undecided?

Philippe Bourgau, Sustainable Productivity Coach and Developer, illustrates why overloading and multitasking is a “widespread disease” in the software world. He says “we should drop the urgent and not important for the important and not urgent.”

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Praise is a Vitamin

“For some of us, it’s hard to store praise, just like it’s difficult to store some vitamins.” Heidi Waterhouse, Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly, reminds us of the power of expressing our appreciation for another’s effort. She asks, ”What kind of praise feeds you? Have you asked for it?”

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How Can We Become More Effective Engineers? Increase Leverage

Derrick Camerino, Front-End Software Engineer at PagerDuty, explains how to multiply the value, or impact, of your work with a simple equation (he also offers examples of how you can put this idea into practice).

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Great Managers Empower Through Intrinsic Motivation – A Conversation With the Founder of CTO Connection

In Engineering, intrinsic motivations > extrinsic rewards. In this interview, Peter Bell, Founder of CTO Connection, breaks down how engineering leaders can create an environment where creative work thrives.

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