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Managing Technical Teams


Managing Technical Teams

Engineering Impact is a weekly newsletter that highlights trends in engineering leadership, productivity, culture, and scaling development teams.

This week features posts on: 

  • The Right Manager
  • Camille Fournier on Managing Technical Teams
  • Advice for First-Time Managers
  • Incubating Innovation
  • Developing Engineering Talent


The Right Manager

“Don’t pick a job. Pick a boss.” Nathan Broslawsky, VP of Engineering at SmugMug, articulates how organizations can be more strategic in how they assign managers to existing employees by offering four main factors to consider: alignment around objectives and goals, subject matter expertise, career progression, and values. 

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Camille Fournier on Managing Technical Teams

In this podcast, Camille Fournier, author of The Manager’s Path, covers a wide range of topics—from why she started writing about management in the first place, and how ICs can make a seamless transition to management, to time management and rewarding behaviors in the team—sharing opinions, advice, and lessons learned throughout. 

Listen to the full podcast [49 mins]


Advice for First-Time Managers

Here’s a list of lessons learned in growing as engineering managers from Aaron Randall (CTO at Songkick) and Amy Phillips (Engineering Manager at Gousto). They cover themes such as “demonstrating and rewarding the right behaviors,” “ruthless prioritization,” and “keeping it human.”

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Incubating Innovation

“Developing new products or services is a maze-solving exercise. Nowadays, it is also a race.” Mike Griffiths, Agile Consultant, describes the mindset and changes necessary to create a environment that encourages experimentation while balancing that with everyday production and services. 

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