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Methods to eliminate bad hiring


Methods to eliminate bad hiring

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This week: Methods to eliminate bad hiring, the inside scoop on GraphQL, how to identify what’s blocking your team, software developer workflow


Methods to eliminate bad hiring


Methods to Eliminate Bad Hiring

Puzzles, quizzes, and artificial assessments are the worst. That’s because puzzle performance has zero correlation with job performance.

Luckily there’s a better way. Eric Elliott proposes some practical steps to identify good coders, and interview strategies that work. This excellent post provides a framework for how to how to assess resumes (along with warning signs of poor performance), and a list of high-value approaches to interviews.


The inside scoop on GraphQL


The inside scoop on GraphQL

GraphQL is going to be a big deal in 2017, so watch these talks (or pass them on to your engineers). Apollo shares the inside scoop on GraphQL with speakers from Google, Facebook, Shopify, Github, Credit Karma, Concur (SAP), Conde Nast, and more.

If your team is building apps, GraphQL may be what you’re looking for to speed up feature development. And it’s not necessarily a huge investment. Github was able to get v1 of their GraphQL API up and running in a few weeks—and as the talks show, companies large and small have quickly seen benefit.


Identify what's blocking your team


Identify What’s Blocking Your Team

When you’re working with a complex system like an engineering team, how do you isolate the bottleneck that’s holding your team back?

Tiago Forte shares how Microsoft used the Theory of Constraints to produce dramatic improvements in productivity. Get a 5-step framework to help you do the same, and be confident you’re improving the right thing.


Re-booting our issue tracker to focus on priorities


Re-booting Our Issue Tracker to Focus on Priorities

It is common for engineering teams to use their issue tracker to store a backlog of nice-to-haves and and ill-formed ideas. When we realized that was creating noise and slowing us down, we decided to do something about it.

Travis Kimmel shares how we prioritize work here at GitPrime. Engineering teams that value speed, autonomy, low communication overhead, and engineer happiness will want to check out this priority-driven development strategy.


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