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Product & Engineering as One


Product & Engineering as One

Engineering Impact is a weekly newsletter that highlights trends in engineering leadership, productivity, culture, and scaling development teams.

This week features posts on: 

  • What 7 Years at Airbnb Taught Me About Building a Company
  • Product & Engineering as One
  • How NOT to Hire a Software Engineer
  • The Zero Bug Policy
  • 10 Questions I Wish I’d Asked My Manager More


What Seven Years at Airbnb Taught Me About Building a Company

Lenny Rachitsky, former Product Lead at Airbnb, attempts to distill the key ingredients of Airbnb’s growth into six overarching themes. In this post, he explains how they created and scaled a strong culture, offers tools for alignment, discusses org structure, and more. 

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Product & Engineering as One

“In companies heavily driven by technology, having Product and Engineering (and Design) on the proverbial same page is non-negotiable.” Here’s Paulo Andre, VP of Engineering at TourRadar on what that looks like in practice. 

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How Not to Hire a Software Engineer

Nikita Tonsky, Software Engineer, offers a clear-eyed look at the interview process. “Don’t ask puzzles. Don’t aim for the best solution. Make the process seamless.” He points out common “big company practices” and makes the case for fine-tuning the interview for a candidate’s experience.

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The Zero Bugs Policy

“Good software teams can be distinguished from great software teams by their approach to bugs.” Kevin Sookocheff, now a Software Developer at Workiva, shares an interesting approach to balancing new features and quality. “It’s simple: all bugs take priority over all new feature development or improvements.”

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10 Questions I Wish I’d Asked My Manager More to Turbocharge My Career

Julie Zhuo, VP of Product Design at Facebook, offers a fresh list of questions for getting feedback from your manager or peers.

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