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Management is a total career restart


Management is a total career restart

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This week: Being a remote manager, management is a total career restart, the false distinction of “technical”, an engineering ROI calculator.


remote engineering manager


On being a remote … manager

Nassim Kammah, a remote engineering manager with Etsy, shares practical advice on creating a solid environment of trust within your team and becoming a better manager.

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moving from a developer to a manager


Management is a total career restart

Moving from individual contributor to manager can be a jarring experience. It’s time to translate and to teach what you’re good at to those who you work with, and that starts by trusting them to do that which you previously only asked of yourself.

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The false distinction of “technical”

April Wensel contends that the false dichotomy between “technical” and “not technical” people is unhelpful, and team communication will improve if you encourage cross-domain learning.

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Planning for engineering teams


Engineering ROI Calculator

David Trejo noticed that engineering teams were making investment decisions without running the numbers, so he built a tool to help with exactly that. Calculate the ROI of projects, maintenance, meetings, tests, on-site, one-on-ones, and more. You’ll want to bookmark this one.

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