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Everyone is not Ops


Everyone is not Ops

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This week: 42 things people outside of engineering miscalculate, Bruce Lee vs. Mel Conway, Everyone is not Ops, Learning to recruit as an engineer.

42 things non-front-liners misunderstand about software development


42 things non-front-liners misunderstand when thinking about software development

It is unfair to expect people who haven’t worked on the front lines in software development to “just get it.” John Cutler compiles a list of things routinely underestimated and overestimated by those outside of engineering to help teams build bridges and shared understanding.

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organizational Jeet kune do: Bruce Lee vs. Mel Conway


Organizational Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee vs. Mel Conway

Nick Caldwell, VP of Engineering at Reddit, with an insightful take on Conway’s Law—that you are going to ship your culture, so make sure you have the right one.

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everyone is not ops


Everyone is not Ops

The problems facing most organizations are unlikely to be solved by idealistic chants of “everyone is Ops.” Cindy Sridharan, engineer and organizer of the SF Prometheus meetup, shares her take on the effects of automation, division of responsibilities, and the future of the holistic software lifecycle.

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learning to recruit as a software engineer


Learning to recruit as a software engineer

Austin Gibbons, an engineer in S.F., delivers a comprehensive piece on the steps, tactics, and tools you can use to rev your recruiting engine and ramp up hiring.

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