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How do individual contributors get stuck?


How do individual contributors get stuck?

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This week: Why developers get stuck, how not to be a seagull, the bottom 20% of developers, small code is better code.


an effective strategy to get developers to work in their strength zones and side-step their weaknesses


How Do Individual Contributors Get Stuck?

Noticing how people get stuck is an effective strategy to help people work in their strength zones and side-step their weaknesses. Camille Fournier breaks down some ways that contributors get sidetracked or stuck, so you can help.

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why software engineering managers need to understand the weight of their title


Don’t Be a Seagull

The anonymous manager writing over at describes the problem with ‘seagull management’ and understanding the weight carried by your title.


A discussion on what the bottom 20% developers are doing


Who are the bottom 20% of programmers?

Everyone talks about 20%, 5%, 1% or 0.1% developers and how to become one. Responders to this Quora discussion speculate on what these bottom developers are up to. Some interesting responses include this onethis one, and this one.


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the real story of quality code


Smaller code, better code

Aaron W Hsu on the evolution on his compiler and the 750 Lines of Code that remain after 6 years of working on it: “In that time I’ve added roughly 4,062,847 lines of code to the codebase, and deleted roughly 3,753,677 line of code. And there’s the real story.”



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