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How to rescue legacy code


How to rescue legacy code

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This week: Rescuing legacy code, characteristics of mature engineers, why a developer should never be interrupted, bad programming habits.


how software managers can rescue legacy code


How to Rescue Legacy Code through Refactoring

Jeroen Moons shares lessons learned from years of working on a large legacy web application, and practical advice for steering a legacy system away from the brink.

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in-depth article on characteristics of senior engineers


On Being a Senior Engineer

John Allspaw, CTO of Etsy, goes in-depth on the characteristics of mature engineers and what separates them from the rest.

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why software engineers shouldn't be interrupted


How to explain to a layperson why a developer should not be interrupted while neck-deep in coding

The analogies in this discussion are quite vidid, and could be useful in helping people outside of engineering understand why shoulder-tapping is such a problem.

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programming habits that software engineers should avoid


35 programming habits that make your code smell

Some great bad habits to lose around code and teamwork, courtesy of Christian Maioli

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