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How do managers get stuck?


How do managers get stuck?

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This week: How managers get stuck, When your tech problem is actually a communication problem, The role of a VPE, We’re drowning in tech debt. Why isn’t anyone listening?


Breaking down ways you might be failing as an engineering manager


How do managers get stuck?

When you find yourself “stuck” in terms of management career progression, what might really be happening? Camille Fournier breaks down the ways that you’re probably failing: failing to manage down, failing to manage sideways, and failing to manage up.

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Human-centric solutions to cultural issues that are slowing down engineering


When your database problem is actually a communication problem

Symptoms of a toxic culture often show up in disguise. Dierdre Bachman Haggmark, Senior Manager of Database Operations at Tesla, guides us through human-centric solutions to performance problems.

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List of responsibilities every VP of engineering should keep with them


The Role of a VP of Engineering

Bruno Miranda, VP of Engineering at Doximity, provides a non-comprehensive list of responsibilities he believes the VPE needs to keep close to their heart.

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A visual representation of how technical debt happens (and why it's so complicated)


We’re Drowning in Tech Debt. Why Isn’t Anyone Listening?

We’re struggling with technical debt. We’re going slower. We try to bring it up, but somehow no one seems to pay attention. John Cutler, Sr. Product Manager at Zendesk, breaks out a flowchart on why it happens… and why it’s always complicated.

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Ben Thompson is a co-founder at GitPrime where he leads design and customer experience. He is a Y Combinator alumni, with a background in product design, branding, and UX design. Follow @thebent on Twitter.

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