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Unlocking a New Level of Flexibility with Nested Teams

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Unlocking a New Level of Flexibility with Nested Teams

With our new Nested Teams feature, you can organize members into teams that reflect your organizational structure and seamlessly manage team permissions.

At GitPrime, we aim to provide software teams with data-driven reports that are tailored to work with any process or methodology. Whether you’re using Agile, doing continuous delivery, or experimenting with new team structures or processes, our dashboard should fit to your situation. The Nested Teams feature speaks directly to this vision; it unlocks a new level of flexibility by allowing you to organize teams that reflect your company or group’s structure, with cascading permissions.

The Nested Teams feature makes it seamless to manage teams and permissions in a large organization.”

A flexible view across the organization

With the new Nested Teams feature (accessible by navigating to Settings > Teams), you can drag and drop existing team members into other teams, or move the team under a parent team. This makes for a seamless experience setting teams up and managing them as the organization evolves.

From here, you can click on any team or group’s name and quickly manage its profile, membership, and view rights. (Read more about Team Details here.)

Import teams from GitHub

If you are connected to your GitHub account and already managing your team structure there, you can now bulk import your teams (including their nested structure) from GitHub.

Now, some organizations have project teams set up in GitHub that don’t reflect the organizational hierarchy, and they may not want to import that structure to GitPrime. But if you already are managing your team structure in a way that you’d like to see reflected in GitPrime, you can simply import them or hit “refresh” to see the same structure in GitPrime. You also have the ability to import the structure of specific teams and not others from GitHub. (Read more about how to bulk import teams here, or how to import teams from GitHub here.)

Find an overview of how your nested teams will appear in GitPrime here, or reach out with any questions or feedback in the chat below.