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Meet: Your New GitPrime Home Page

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Meet: Your New GitPrime Home Page

You might have noticed GitPrime’s home page is looking different today. The new design focuses on making it easier for you to discover useful resources on data-driven engineering leadership.

Over the past few years, GitPrime’s platform, customer base, and the breadth of content we publish has grown considerably. When we started thinking about what the future of the platform would look like, we reevaluated the home page—the single touchpoint that every customer has with our platform—and looked to find ways to make it easier for customers to incorporate data into their daily workflows.

The new home page is where you can:

  • Jump to reports that best serve specific use cases
  • Walk through Quick Start Tutorials
  • Read the latest guides and best practices in data-driven engineering leadership
  • Stay up to date with the latest content from our blog

GitPrime invests in our success, and in my personal success using the platform.”

Michael Baj CTO at 128 Technology

We’re just getting started

The new homepage is flexible and allows us a lot of room to grow into it. This is the start of many more changes we have planned to connect you with helpful resources, make data exploration more seamless, and ultimately make GitPrime’s platform more powerful.