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Reducing Time-to-Insight With Our New Walkthroughs

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Reducing Time-to-Insight With Our New Walkthroughs

Today we’re announcing our new Walkthroughs, which help you get setup with GitPrime and up to speed in minutes.

As a company, we aim to provide engineering organizations with the instrumentation necessary to quickly gather an understanding of what’s going on across teams. So when we realized that one of the first questions customers asked was, Where should I start?—we looked into building a solution that would help point them in the right direction.

This new feature helps users begin leveraging their data within minutes of first logging in. It’s also built so we can continue expanding these walkthroughs to specific reports and use cases.

Getting Started

Designed specifically for a first-time user, GitPrime’s new Walkthroughs help customers manage integrations, setup teams, and begin exploring their data.

When you log in to your GitPrime dashboard, navigate to “Getting Started” (under “Settings”). From there, you’ll be able to scroll through the available Walkthroughs—and if you have to step away after beginning a specific track, the Walkthrough will save your progress.

GitPrime has helped Medidata’s managers become all-around better leaders.”

Sitalatshmi Swaminath Senior Project Manager at Medidata Solutions

Our goal is for every customer to experience real value during their first login, and to promptly begin understanding work patterns and leveraging data to the benefit of their teams.