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One metric to rule them all


One metric to rule them all

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This week: Effective metrics, state of the industry: Startup Edition, the poison of billable hours, sunsetting a legacy product.


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One metric to rule them all

Fabian Streitel on what makes a good metric—to help understand which projects are at risk, ensure continuous improvement, and inform long-term planning.

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survey from 126 engineering leaders on developer productivity


State of Software Development in Startups 2017

In a 45-question survey from 126 startups, engineering leaders indicate that metrics like completed tasks and code readability are still the top ways that engineering leaders are measuring developer performance.


the negative impact of billable hours on your engineering culture


Billable hours are poison

Billable hours are dragging your IT department down and making your entire organization less effective.


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Sr Software Engineer on retiring a legacy service


Lessons learned from decommissioning a service

Ting Sun, a Sr Software Engineer at LinkedIn, shares her experiences and lessons learned in retiring a legacy service.



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Ben Thompson is a co-founder at GitPrime where he leads design and customer experience. He is a Y Combinator alumni, with a background in product design, branding, and UX design. Follow @thebent on Twitter.

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