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Introducing Pluralsight Flow

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Introducing Pluralsight Flow

With the acquisition in May, GitPrime joined Pluralsight to help technology organizations reach their full potential. Since then, we’ve been hard at work integrating the GitPrime experience into Pluralsight’s product ecosystem.

Earlier this year, Pluralsight announced the renaming of its core product of expert-led courses, assessments and skill and role analytics as Pluralsight Skills. Skills provides organizations with the tools they need to upskill teams into modern tech roles and put the right people on the right projects. With GitPrime joining the Pluralsight platform, leaders can feel confident they have the skills and insights they need to execute their technology strategy.

GitPrime becomes Pluralsight Flow

On January 17, GitPrime will officially be renamed Pluralsight Flow. This next step brings together the power of Pluralsight Skills with the workflow data you need to better manage and enable your teams.

Used together, Skills and Flow empower you to develop, measure and deploy critical skills at scale and improve engineering effectiveness.

Why Flow?

Operating in a flow state is the goal for every software developer. It’s a state where amazing work happens, and we want to help teams find that sweet spot more often.

The name also speaks to how the product improves engineering workflows and removes bottlenecks, allowing teams to focus their work on what matters.

What’s next

On January 17, when GitPrime is renamed to Pluralsight Flow, GitPrime’s website experience will be migrated to Pluralsight’s website. ( will be migrated to You may begin to notice some changes through the end of the year as we make this transition, however we expect this to be a seamless update for our customers.

GitPrime joined Pluralsight because we share a vision for helping technology leaders and teams find success and deliver better products. This transition marks the next step forward in our journey, as we work together to provide more value to our customers. We see an incredible future for Skills and Flow combined, and we’re grateful you’re part of it.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback regarding this transition. You can reach us in the chat below or at