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The CTO / VPE Split


The CTO / VPE Split

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This week: The CTO/VPE Split, Function length, The expert blind spot, Software engineering, not computer science.


The CTO/VPE Split


The CTO / VPE Split

The CTO and VPE roles are very different—and they change as a company scales. Here are two different takes on the responsibilities of the CTO versus VP Engineering.

Julia Austin on The CTO to VP Engineering Fork →

Elaine Chen on CTO vs VP Engineering: What’s the Difference? →


Function length


Function Length

Martin Fowler on the highly debated topic of how long a function should be. And more important—when code should be enclosed in its own function.


the expert blind spot


The Expert Blind Spot

Itamar Turner-Trauring on how expert advice becomes a religion, and how to avoid the trap. He references TDD, but the discussion is valid any other buzzword in software development.


Read the full post→


software engineering, not computer science


Software Engineering, Not Computer Science

If we begin asking the question, “Should professional software development be engineering?” we can start answering the really interesting questions that will completely transform our industry.



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