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The million dollar engineering problem


The million dollar engineering problem

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This week: SaaS Economics, technical debt from a dev perspective, the role of the CTO, predicting the popularity of future coding languages.


costly engineering problems


The million dollar engineering problem

It’s easy to fall into a cycle where the first response to any problem is to spend more money. Here’s the story of how Segment cut their AWS bill by over one million dollars annually.

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how legacy refactoring influences engineering culture


On Technical Debt

Most articles on technical debt address it from the business side. Michael Dymel shares his thoughts on the topic from a developer perspective.


the role and responsibilities of the CTO


The Role of the Chief Technology Officer

Jean-Christophe Huc on the CTO balancing act and how they relate to the rest of the organization.


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future of coding languages


Predicting future popularity of coding languages

Erik Bernhardsson, Head of Engineering at Better, attempts to answer “Is it possible to generate a N*N contingency table of moving from language X to language Y?”



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