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The rubric that changed Box’s engineering performance


The rubric that changed Box’s engineering performance

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This week: Building a culture of discipline, How Box sets expectations for engineering, Making onboarding a competitive advantage, Accuratizing Software Estimation.


build an engineering culture that continuously outperforms the market


Great development teams have a culture of discipline

Erran Berger, VP of Engineering at LinkedIn, describes a few ways you can practice discipline in your team, so you can build a culture that continuously outperforms the market.

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SVP of engineering at Box on setting expectations for engineering teams


The rubric that changed Box’s engineering performance

Sam Schillance, SVP of Engineering at Box, says “If you can’t write down your expectations of an engineering team, then you don’t understand performance very well—and you’re not actually going to get a good performance culture over time.” Here’s how they do it.

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Ben Jackson, advisor of high growth startups, on building a culture that values onboarding


How to make onboarding engineers a competitive advantage

Ben Jackson, advisor to high growth startups at For the Win, describes how first experiences with your company matter and why you might be doing onboarding all wrong.

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software time estimation techniques (with some humor)


Accuratizing software estimation

Chet Hasse, serves up some concrete steps to ‘De-vaguify’ technology product schedules—and keeps the pain light with a bit of humor.

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Ben Thompson is a co-founder at GitPrime where he leads design and customer experience. He is a Y Combinator alumni, with a background in product design, branding, and UX design. Follow @thebent on Twitter.

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