To package a great UX, start with your development team

Feb 16, 2017 | Newsletter

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This week: Manager resources from Google, shipping small diffs, ageism in tech, culture of customer success.


Google's failed experiment of having no managers


Managers matter after all

In 2002 Google ran an experiment where they tried a flat organization without any managers. It didn’t go well. Here’s what they learned, along with resources they’ve made public to develop effective managers.

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the last thing you changed in your codebase is probably risky


Ship small diffs

Because the last thing you changed is probably setting those fires.


study on programmer's salary after they are 45 years old


Ageism in tech is definitely alive

Hired provided their analysis of 2017 salary trends. Of note: once candidates pass the age of 45 they begin to see a decrease in their average salary and the number of job offers they receive.

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start with your developer team to package a great UX


To Package a Great User Experience, Start With Your Development Team

“Customer success starts with creating a delightful experience for our own development teams —only then can we ship software that reflects that better end developer experience.” Bridget McErlean lays out five steps to create a great experience for your developers and, in turn, your customers.



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Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson is a co-founder at GitPrime where he leads design and customer experience. He is a Y Combinator alumni, with a background in product design, branding, and UX design. Follow @thebent on Twitter.

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