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Introducing Users 2.0: A Seamless User Management Experience

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Introducing Users 2.0: A Seamless User Management Experience

Building a platform that provides powerful analytics, while remaining flexible and adaptable to any structure, workflow, or size, is something that GitPrime has been passionate about from the start.

Last week, we consolidated our user and author management into a single view. This offers a more intuitive and flexible experience when managing users and their permissions within the platform.

Previously we had two separate pages where various functions related to a “user” could be managed: the User Management page and the Authors & Teams page. “Authors” were the aliases of a single “User”—where one user could have multiple aliases from all their contributing systems.

While this worked, it was causing friction for customers to have to switch between the two pages to manage users and their aliases. We also discovered that new customers would sometimes get confused by the words “User” “Author” and “Contributor” —  which is understandable considering all three terms refer to human beings that have contributed, or are contributing, to the codebase — so we consolidated these terms in a way that is easier to understand and easier to manage.

Users 2.0 is our response to this feedback. This release brings “Users” and “Authors” together under “Users”. This makes it so customers can manage users and their appropriate aliases within the same view (see the Users page in Settings).

Towards a simplified and consistent user management experience

The overhauled Users page shows all functions related to a “user” within a single screen. You can now do all of the following actions on this page:

  • View all users and the number of aliases associated with that user,
  • View whether they have a login and whether they’re included or excluded in metrics,
  • View and manage their team membership,
  • View and manage their view rights, access to reports and the API, and associated roles,
  • Invite users to GitPrime or remove them, and
  • Merge aliases under the appropriate user.

The all-new Users page was designed to help customers quickly get set up and to easily maintain those permissions and roles as their organization evolves.

Our Help Center docs provide a detailed look at how to navigate the new user management system. For any additional questions or feedback, reach out at or click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.